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ABO - Sewage pump

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  • Drainage of sewage with solid in the city building
  • Miscellaneous drainage and kitchen drainage
  • Sewage management, accumulated water, septic tank, livestock farm
  • Dewatering of waste water from the attenuation tank purifying tank and sewage tank in the water treatment plant
  • Drainage of other sewage with solid


  • International standard design: VCT cable, autocut, dry motor. silicon carbide mechanical seal, high grade cast iron offering highest quality and performance.
  • Superior abrasion resistant mechanical seals made of silicon carbide to ensure the best seal effect.
  • Oil seal mounted outside of seal chamber prevents solids build-up around seal surface.
  • Compatible with Guide Rail System, which allows convenient remote installation and replacement of the pump without the need to enter the pit.

Equipped with an automatically reset motor protector, which prevents the motor from burning due to high temperature / high ampere and / or locked impeller.

*Semi open impeller enable cutting of delicate materials to prevent clogging.
*Enclosed channel non clog impeller, allows large passage preventing clogging and allowing effective drainage / dewatering for higher head applications with solids laden media.

*Pumps over 5.5kW are equipped with this device in the mechanical seal chamber to detect any water intrusion or infiltration.
*The device will send a warning signal to the control panel to prevent motor failure induced by water ingress and save maintenance cost.

*Dry type, high efficiency copper wound motors with F class insulation.
*The motors are produced under the strictest quality control procedures, the stator winding is impregnated with varnish resin and oven heated for up to 8 hours.

MTP-Motor Thermal Protector
A Motor Thermal Protector is embedded in the windings of the motor. The MTP will transmit a signal to a control panel when windings temperature reaches preset threshold.

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