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AGO - Grinder pump

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  • Suitable for pressure sewage system.
  • Transferring wastewater of commercial buildings, industrial plants, wastewater sampling, small hospitals.
  • Transferring various wastewater and sewage.


  • Vortex impeller designed to prevent congestion by fragmented articles.
  • Durable heavy duty finned cast iron construction.
  • Radial cutter and cutter ring: corrosion resistant material, hardened to 55-60 Rockwell C.
  • Standard accessories include: epoxy resin cable base, dry motor, double mechanical seals, autocut protection, double ball bearings supported shaft and rotator.
  • Model with Float: 32AGO type Single phase 1.0, 1.2kW. 3 phase 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.2kW.
  • Optional: WD water detector protects the motor from sewage contamination, to provide you with exceptionally long pump service.

Epoxy resin sealed cable base to prevent moisture from entering the motor chamber.

Equipped with an automatic reset motor protector, which prevents the motor from burning due to high temperature / high ampere and / or locked impeller.

Vortex impellers create a hydraulic passage, allowing long fibrous materials to pass through without any contact with the impeller.
The reversed rotation of 3 phase pumps will result in higher than rated current, which may cause property or bodily damage. In this case, please rewire the cable connection for proper operation.

Dry type, high efficiency copper wound motors with F class insulation.
The motors are produced under the strictest quality control procedures, the stator winding is impregnated with varnish resin and oven heated for up to 8 hours.

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